Deer Ranch is a family-owned and operated Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch on the eastern side of the state of Michigan.

We have over 240 acres enclosed on our ranch with more than 9 miles of roads and trails.   

All these will lead you to elevated and ground blinds for your hunting adventure. 

Some of these blinds are heated.       

We have food plots throughout the hunting ground, as well as wooded areas that afford ample hiding spots for your potential trophy buck. 

There are also some swampy areas that may be concealing a trophy buck.

We do not guide hunts unless requested.

We have a large herd of Whitetail Deer with a lot of mature bucks from great genetics.

Most of our bucks have very large typical antlers as you can see from pictures on our successful hunts page.


Our lodging includes a bed and breakfast across from the ranch; there are three bedrooms, a kitchen and a hot tub.

Camping with your own equipment is also welcomed. 

We can also arrange for you to stay at a log motel which is within a few miles from our ranch. 

If you wish to inquire about our hunting fees and available dates, please call us at (989) 673-2648, we would be more than happy to accommodate you for your next hunting adventure.

Check out our Successful Hunts page for more information and great pictures of happy hunters.

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Green's Deer Ranch, 3376 Mertz Road, Caro, Michigan 48723
Tel: (989) 673-2648  Email: greenscorner@centurytel.net

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